The Official Automobile Dictionary of Nigeria


Like everywhere else, Nigerians have a love-hate relationship with cars. However, over many years, a lingo has developed that encompasses the various nouns and adjectives used to describe their favourite automobiles. We have compiled some of these below:

  1. Amanda (noun) – Refers to Nissan Armada of the 2000s. See image below.

    Nissan Armada Mid-2000

    Nissan Armada Mid-2000

  2. Baby-Boy (noun) – Honda Accord 1998 – 2002 models. Origin of the name is from the 2001 film “Baby Boy”. Rival to “Thin Light / Tin Lite”. See picture below. Baby Boy
  3. Belgium (noun) (adjective) – Refers to second-hand vehicles. A throwback to the late 80s and early 90s when many used vehicles were brought into the country from Western Europe.
  4. Best-Lady (noun) – Refers to Toyota Corolla Hatchback (1992 – 1994 models). Successor to First-Lady. See image below.     Best Lady
  5. Big-for-Nothing (noun) – Nickname for Toyota Camry (2002 – 2005 model). See picture below.                            big for nothing
  6. Bulldog (noun) – Honda Accord 1995 – 1997 models. Also refers to coupe version. See picture below.                 bulldog
  7. Discussion-Continued (noun) – Honda Accord (2006 / 2007 model). Successor to EOD. See picture below.                           discussion continues
  8. End-of-Discussion / EOD (noun) – Honda Accord (2003 – 2005 model). Succeeded by “Discussion Continued” .                      EOD
  9. Evil Spirit (noun) – Nickname for Honda Accord (2008 model or similar).Seen as a rival to the “Muscle / Mozu” See picture below. evil spirit
  10. First-Lady (noun) – Toyota Corolla hatchback circa late 1989 – 1991. First Lady
  11. Foga / Voga (noun) – Essentially a vulcanizer in layman terms.

    Vulcanizer in Lagos

    Vulcanizer in Lagos

  12. Halla (noun) – Honda Accord Sedan of early 1990s. See picture below. honda halla
  13. Hummer Bus (noun) – Refers to Fifth Generation Toyota Hiace Buses. Typically from 2004 onwards.

    Toyota Hiace 5th Generation

    Toyota Hiace 5th Generation

  14. Muscle / Mozu (noun) – Nickname for Toyota Camry (2006 – 2010). Seen as a rival to the “Evil Spirit”. See picture below. mozu muscle
  15. Shock (noun) (verb) – Refers to the act of using a chock to wedge / secure the wheels of a vehicle against motion. Also refers to an item used as an alternative chock. Typical alternatives used are usually stones. See below for illustration.

    2 Yellow Chocks on Wheel

    See yellow chocks securing the wheel

  16. Slippers (noun) – Toyota Camry 2000 – 2001 Model. Similar to Thin Light. Slippers
  17. Tear-rubber (noun) (adjective) – Essentially a brand new vehicle.
  18. Tokunbo / Tokunboh (noun) (adjective) – Second-hand vehicle. Usually recently shipped in-country.
  19. Thin-light / Tin-Light / Tiny Light (noun) – Toyota Camry 1996 – 1999 models. Rival to “Baby Boy”. See picture.                               thin light

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